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10th May – Junior Ishin Ryu Jujitsu Competition

We got an email the other day from one of our Twitter followers who’s son is competing in the upcoming Ishin Ryu Jujitsu competition. It’s no ordinary Jujitsu tournement either; it’s the annual Infant and Juniors Grappling, Take down and Hold contest.

Try saying that three times fast!

@Squiretwizz is Karateka by training, but his son trains with Trevor Steward Renshi in Jujitsu. You can find out more about the Ishin Ryu Jujitsu dojo here

Last year the competition was open to all dojos in East Anglia and had around 150 children take part. Much fun was had an some medals won. The contest also featured in the UKs Combat martial Arts magazine.

This year they plan to do it all again. It’s to be held in Thetford Lesuire center on 10th May and it should be bigger and better this time around, so if you’re in the area you should get down to support the kids!

If you can’t make it down, be sure to send @Squiretwizz a quick tweet to wish his son luck 🙂

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  1. Roberts

    Best of luck mate! Hope he has a great time.

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