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  1. Nolan

    Hello i wana learn Ju jistu japenese are there any ju jistu places in reading
    if there is can you tell me so i may know and can you tell me the name of street and that

  2. admin

    Nolan, the best thing you can do is check Google or even your local community centre for a Jujitsu dojo! Best of luck.

  3. willie

    dude ima tall 6 foot 2 inches
    and im kinda big, is jujitsu a good choice for me??

    1. admin

      I’ve never met anyone who couldn’t benefit from Jujitsu. Your weakness with being so tall will probably be your legs (watch your knees as they’ll be a prime target) and that your centre of gravity is quite high – which means it’s relatively easier to throw you.

      However, your advantage will be your range: if you can prevent people from getting too close to you, then the fight is yours!

      Give it a shot at your local dojo… you’ve got nothing to lose 🙂

  4. Groover

    I appreciate your website, and your attitude toward the Martial arts. My question is whether you know of how to acquire a comprehensive Ju-Jitsu History text. I have searched Amazon and a few others but seem only to turn up Gracie conjecture, or local gladiatorial opinion.

  5. Hayabusa

    I’ve found meditation, or at least the breathing element taught by shitu ryu karate to be helpful in overcoming pain.

    On another note, I just tried mailing you, but the picture designed to block spam wouldn’t appear… Mind mailing me an address I can contact you on?

  6. sam

    I have a shoulder peck injury during a naked rear head lock restraining a drunk
    customer confrontation, I went through acupunc, massages,healing etc.. you name it, but Ive used mindcontrol to overcome the pain! in what I love doing.
    Im waiting for a otho surgeons appt and take it from there! I want to achieve My goals cause were not here on this earth forever!

  7. Peter rowan

    Hi, I have come to juijitsu late in life .just in my 40s I totally love it.I wasn’t as agile as the younger and much faster people in my class .it took a couple of months and effort on my part but I now I can totally feel the benefit of the training. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

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