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  1. Richelieu

    Oh yeah, she’s using sai – I didn’t see them for a minute 🙂

    Having seen sai used in a demonstration at SENI, I love them. So fast!

  2. Groove

    She’ll have someone’s eye out if she’s not careful

  3. admin

    The one time we add a pretty girl and it’s the first post to get comments, shame on you. We must use this cunning marketing ploy in future 🙂

  4. not telling

    its a girl duh!

    shes not holding the sai right

  5. ?????

    she’s frm the movie electra!!!

    1. admin

      Indeed, and a terrible movie it was too! It’s not easy finding good Sai pictures 🙂

  6. ...

    umm… well the person/thing that started this website shouldnt have used electra as their main pic for sai use. she holds them all wrong.

    if someone trys to hold them like that, then they will get their fingers chopped off. and for anybody that has seen the movie. you also kno that she twrils them around. she shouldnt do that either.

    the sai are my main weapon of choice right now. (i have been doing Tae Kwan doe for a while now) so i know what im talking about.

    1. admin

      Yes, we know Electra wasn’t exactly a great example of Sai use – but it was a cool pop-culture image (but terrible movie!)

      Great to hear you’re studying sai. It’s a bit of a dying art compared to some other weapon disciplines.

  7. CinLou

    lol! Yes it was a horrible movie, HOWEVER. It revitalized the sai, not only in training but also in competitions. My daughter’s primary weapon is the sai, as well, and from an entertainment value, she loves Elektra. From a technique angle, she loathes it. lol It was TMNT’s Raphael that turned her onto the sai. lol
    I’m just glad that there is a movie out there with a strong female martial artist in it, that an American audience can understand. Yay Marvel! 🙂

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