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  1. liam denton

    I though these were kubatan or kubotan (however you spell it!)

    1. Anodesu

      Kubotan is a modernized keychain version of the yawara stick. Same thing. Yawara is just the original weapon.

  2. adrian croce

    yawara is also known as an old hand free close combate method of former samurai as they had to defense themselfes in case they lose their sword…

    since then it has been developed and adapted to our time. today this form of self defence is also known as jiu-jitsu, but in Japan they are used to call their methods according to the name or the style of the school they belong to. So Jiu-Jitsu (former Yawara) is actually a general term for all kind of japanese styles (e. g.: Tai-Jitsu, Shorin-Ryu, in which the idea is to defeat your enemy or to defend yourself against atacks (with or without weapons) using the kinetic energy of your oponent against himself..

  3. David

    Yawara is the martial art, not the stick. The stick, or Yawara stick, is what you apply your Yawara or Jujutsu techniques. To call yawara the stick is like calling Jujutsu the stick.

    The tessen (iron fan) is one of the original weapons to apply the Yawara techniques. When training in the dojo, it is safer to use a stick to learn. So, you may call it the Yawara stick as a simpler way to refer to it. It is important to understand that the stick is what you are applying your Yawara or Jujutsu techniques on. From there, you can use anything you pick up to apply your Yawara.

  4. Joe Carslake

    The Yubi Bo or Yawara Bo was always a woman’s weapon by definition. This of course did not mean that men did not use it, quite the contrary.
    Tanto Jutsu was and is the Science of the knife, and had and has no direct connection with the Yubi Bo or Yawara Bo. The Kubo Tan or Kubo’s Stick was created by Tak Kubota, a Japanese emigrant to the United State in the 1950’s he took the Yubi Bo and recreated it into a key chain ornament and made millions on it. Shows how gullible people are. It is NOT legal in either the UK or in Ireland, it is also classified as an offensive weapon in Sweden.
    Strictly speaking the Yubi Bo or Yawara Bo is NOT Ju-Jitsu but only one of the weapons OF Ju-Jitsu, however most of the strikes with the hand are taught in such a manner that the Yubi Bo or Yawara Bo could be used.
    Most Ju-Jitsu today is not Ju-Jitsu either, true Ju-Jutsu is not a mixture of Karate, Judo and Aikido, Ju-Jutsu was the fore-runner of all of these, so Ju-Jitsu today is simply Goshin Jitsu a simple mix of bits and pieces of Aikido-Judo and Karate with boxing footwork and punches.
    All strikes in the Ju-Jutsu are done with specific natural hand weapons and kicks never come above waist high.

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