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  1. Ikigai

    Very informative post – the man in the red/black gi is certainly good at what he does! I’d like to remind readers who decide to work on these techniques that they should mentally separate the acrobatic and tricking aspects of the rokushaku bo from the applicable and self defense aspects.

    From personal experience (having taught kobudo for many years and participating frequently in kobudo kumite) that the spins and tosses get pushed to the wayside exceptionally quick when trying to use the bo as a weapon rather than a tool for entertainment. The great thing about the bo is that it CAN be found in real life, taking on the guise of various everyday implements (brooms, pool cues, etc).

    If you can master distancing and timing along with simple thrusts, pokes, and quick strikes, you’ll be on your way to learning the traditional nature of the weapon.

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  3. John

    I’ve got to figure out how to get my blog to look more professional like this one.

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