Jujitsu News

10th May – Junior Ishin Ryu Jujitsu Competition

We got an email the other day from one of our Twitter followers who’s son is competing in the upcoming Ishin Ryu Jujitsu competition. It’s no ordinary Jujitsu tournement either; it’s the annual Infant and Juniors Grappling, Take down and […]

Introducing the Uconn Jujitsu Blog

We like the guys over at the Uconn Jujitsu blog, and we think you should check em out sometime. It’s really easy to fall into the mindset of trying to horde visitors to your website, and not to encourage people […]

Man Arrested for Using Jujitsu on Woman

A Florida man in Palm Bay is facing multiple charges after misusing his Jujitsu training to subdue his female housemate for two hours with ankle locks and chokes. What a complete dick. This is definitely not what Jujitsu is about, […]