Jujitsu Weapons & Kobudo

A Brief History Of The Tanto

The tanto is a Japanese knife that can be either a single or a double edged dagger or knife. The blade can range from six to twelve inches in length, and like most knives can be used as both a […]

A Brief History of the Yari

The Yari is an ancient spear weapon introduced to Japan centuries ago. The spear has been used by many cultures. The most recent version could be considered to be the bayonet on the rifle. The Yari has had many variations […]

A Brief History of the Tonfa

The martial arts weapon, the tonfa, is one of the more popular devices in the Okinawan and Japanese karate and Jujitsu. The tonfa is essentially a club with a handle that protrudes at a 90 degree angle. This allows a […]