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Introducing the Uconn Jujitsu Blog

We like the guys over at the Uconn Jujitsu blog, and we think you should check em out sometime.

It’s really easy to fall into the mindset of trying to horde visitors to your website, and not to encourage people to visit competing blogs, but we reckon that’s where the biggest mistake is – they’re part of the Jujitsu community and write really good articles. They’re not competing, they’re sharing what they know about your sport so we can all benefit!

What’s more these guys supported when we were just starting out – linking to us and sharing our story on Russian Systema.

So yeah, go give them some support today if you practice either Japanese or Brazilian Jujitsu… and if you leave a comment be sure to say “Hi” from the team here.

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  1. Volkert Greveling

    I’m from the Netherlands and we share foto’s and all the things we can talk about concerning Jiu Jitsu.
    Everything is in Dutch,but the pictures speak for themselves.Leave a message in our guestbook.
    By the way it is Japanese Jiu Jitsu we practice.


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